Bookworm - Wax Melt

Bookworm - Wax Melt

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A wax melt for all the bookworms.

This listing is for ONE 20g wax melt or 90g clamshell
Scent Notes: chocolate
Soy wax melt
Dye colour: brown
Hand poured in South Australia

Wax melts are made to be used in a warmer that has been designed for and tested with wax melts only. Other types of warmers/burners can burn out the scent too quickly or be dangerous. Make sure your warmer is clean and dry before use.
Do NOT leave your wax warmer unattended or in reach of children/pets.
Do NOT add water to your wax/warmer.
Do NOT place your warmer on/near flammable items or surfaces.
You can keep using your wax melt until the fragrance has faded.
Do NOT discard melted wax down the drain.

Please note: all melts are hand poured and may have slight differences in weight and colour.

Frosting, wet spots and cracking can be common with soy wax. If this occurs, it won't affect the melt or scent.

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